Exams for KYU and DAN grades in the federation.

Examination 15.06.2013

On 15.06.2013 the following candidates passed their exams:

6 KYU    Darko Nikolovski (Henbo Aikido Dojo)
6 KYU    Emil Nikolovski (Henbo Aikido Dojo)
6 KYU    Margarita Stoshikj (Henbo Aikido Dojo)
6 KYU    Nebojsha Jovanovikj (Henbo Aikido Dojo)

4 KYU    Mladen Aleksikj (Zanshin Aikido Dojo)

3 KYU    Aleksandar Keleshov (Zanshin Aikido Dojo)
3 KYU    Jovan Krsstevski (Henbo Aikido Dojo)

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